"I was naked & you clothed me, I was sick & you visited me, I was in prison & you came to me."

"This was the most powerful service that I have experienced in twenty years." Paul from Poulsbo

There is NOTHING like walking into a prison chapel and experiencing the power of hope as only God can provide it!

Come and experience Living Stones worship at WCC/Shelton (Saturday evenings) or WSR/Monroe (Tuesday evenings).  Joining our community in fellowship is putting Christ's words into human action: it proclaims that those who society has rejected are still loved and cherished by God. The blessing of your presence with us is only exceeded by the blessing you will experience in return - an unforgettable and life-changing vision of the fullness of grace in action.

To schedule a visit, contact Sandi Nolte: sandi@livingstonespc.org

To see which dates are already booked, check our calendar.

Check out these resources as you prepare for your visit with the Living Stones community. 

What to Expect Dos and Don'ts

Living Stones IS Church

A reminder of how Living Stones participates as a full member of the Body of Christ

Finding Hope Within the Tomb

Special thanks to Bill Lange for his generous gift of recording and editing this footage.

Creating Sacred Music in an Unexpectedly Sacred Place

The story of longtime volunteer (and professional jazz musician) David Deacon-Joyner working with the Praise Team to develop an original piece for worship.

I was near tears through the entire worship service. I praise God for this experience. We went to prison—and we glimpsed the kingdom. We went to what the world considers the bottom—and we saw the top. We went to those who are damned by society—and we were blessed.

- Coe from Mukilteo

This ministry is what the gospel is for.

- Stefani from Tacoma

I was totally impressed with the warmth and hospitality in evidence.  It was easy to feel God’s presence within the congregation.  The visit was very much worth the time it took to make the trip.  I look forward to visiting again at some point in the future. 

- Jim from Port Townsend

I must say, it was a humbling experience. To hear those gates close behind you and to see open ones ahead was impressionable.  That is the "life" those incarcerated see day in and day out.  Imagine how disheartening that could be, and probably is to some.  The walk to the building where we all met was eye-opening as well as sad. Sometimes coming to worship is the only interaction the men get.  I am so happy that I was able to be part of that. . . .I know that I will be forever changed by shaking every hand of the men when they left that room to go back to their cells, knowing that I have the freedom to get in the van and come home to my comfortable home and life.  I did not once ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable and would be more than willing to go back anytime! 

- Kristan from Poulsbo